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DLI’s Sprinkler System Service provides personal consultation, design and installation of affordable quality driven irrigation sprinkler systems components that efficiently uses one of our most limited natural resources. Dallas Landscape and Irrigation sprinkler system expertise can properly address these diverse watering needs which will in-turn save you money by not over-watering areas with a poorly designed system.

A sprinkler system properly designed and installed by our irrigation sprinkler system experts can reduce waste and eliminate over watering while specifically addressing the needs of the plants and your home’s foundation with NEW Technologies in spray heads, drip lines and pressure reducers. We offer 100% (head to head) coverage.

We use leading manufacturers like Hunter and Rainbird products to ensure quality. The sprinkler heads are of pop-up design to retract back into the ground (and out of sight) when not operating. The system is fully automatic and is equipped with a very user friendly multi-functional timer. See link: RAINBIRD CONTROLLER

To enhance the quality, reliability and durability of your affordable automatic irrigation system, Our Commitment To Excellence Program consists of careful planning, product selection, installation, service and warranty as follows:


After discussing your irrigation needs and concerns, we will design the correct irrigation system for your project. As a part of our planning process, we will require a site plan given to you at point of sale of your home promising that we will:

  • Design an AutoCad Irrigation design plan prior to permitting.

  • Check your project’s service meter size and obtain the static water pressure from the municipality.
  • Position all sprinkler heads for 100 % ( Head to Head) coverage, a requirement by the TCEQ)
  • Calculate friction loss in order to make correct pipe sizing selections.
  • Review basic hydraulics to determine the correct number
    of valves and lateral lines.
  • Zone valves according to micro climates on property.

Here is a link to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission TCEQ (TNRCC), Texas Administrative Code for installing sprinkler systems and water conservation.


Proper installation will ensure correct system performance, reliability, and durability. Accordingly during installation we will:

  • Meet all local back-flow prevention codes.

  • Leave each project site clean and orderly when the system is completed or at the end of each day where the job requires more than one day to complete.
  • Ensure proper height and distance from sidewalks and curbs for care free lawn maintenance.

Click on this link: Water Conservation to learn how to save money and water with your new irrigation system.


We use the finest quality products and select the proper sprinkler heads based on the following factors:

  • We use RainBird Controller: see link RainBird ESP Me.
  • Size and shape of areas to be watered.
  • Types of plant life and soil conditions on the project site.
  • Various risers, pop-up sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, bubblers and drip irrigation devices available.


Our service to you will include:

  • Advanced written estimates and your prior approval for all work to be performed.

  • Prompt reply to all messages of inquiries.


All of our irrigation systems are backed by a one-year warranty on all parts and workmanship.

Certified Irrigation Designers

An experienced irrigation designer must pass a written examination by Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission TCEQ (TNRCC) to be recognized as having achieved a level of competence. A Certified Irrigation Designer is acknowledged with a designer’s seal that can be used to certify plans and quotations. Once certified, the designer is expected to subscribe to a code of ethics which includes promoting water, soil, and energy conservation practices through the development of cost effective and efficient irrigation system designs.

Key Benefits

  • Free detailed job estimates with full explanation of sprinkler system installation design.
  • Designs by qualified industry professionals.
  • Soil compaction and soaking to avoid air pockets in trenches.
  • Complete job site clean-up on the day of installation.
  • Comprehensive custom watering guide for your specific installation.
  • Written system warranty plus detailed factory instructions for each installed sprinkler system component.
  • Contract maintenance programs for winterization and spring start-up.

  • 90-day warranty on all repair services and 3 year warranty on new installations.


Service Charge + Parts and Labor
  • There is a service charge on all repairs.


  • Inspection of Double Check Backflow Device
  • Inspect spray heads and irrigation valves
  • Inspect irrigation coverage
  • Customize controller for specific watering needs


  • Modify Existing Sprinkler Systems to accomodate new landscapes with more efficient nozzles and pressure regulation
  • Choose from the latest in State of the Art Controllers, Pressure Regulation, Sensors, and Drip Irrigation
  • ET controllers and weather stations to conserve water with your sprinkler system.
  • Master valves and remotes for sprinkler systems.

DLI offers our customers a sprinkler system installation and sprinkler repair team of professionals. We install and repair sprinkler systems in the Dallas area. We provide sprinkler system service and repair for Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Garland, Allen, Addison, Carrollton, Coppell.

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission TCEQ (TNRCC) and We are Licensed!

LI 13461

Dallas Landscape and Irrigation Inc. is a multi services firm. We offer the highest quality Residential and Commercial Sprinkler System Installation, Sprinkler system repair, Drainage system solutions and Drainage corrections, Rain Gutters, Sod: tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning and stump grinding.

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